99 Lincoln continental BarnYard Boggers NEW 4X4 MEGA TRUCK Kerby & Harolds New Wheeler

So they tell me to come tomorrow and if all gos well we get to see this thing in Action at Kerby's Farm!!!! Harold and him will be there after the Party tonight at The Quigley's will have more videos of the 4th of July Party so Stay tuned its a Good Weekend LOL

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Young Barnyard Bogger in The Making Jason Quigleys Son {Dirt Bike}
Thanks to Jason and his son for letting me get this video... Budd14589 his son Nate Rips around to i would like to see the Two boys race around the track and have a Good Time.... Barnyard Boggers and Little Good Times 4x4s going at it would be a Video to get for Day to come when they get older

Barnyard Boggers 4th of July Party at Kerbys Monster 4x4 Trucks
Thanks to Kerby and the Guys out there today for a good day of Wheeling ... you can see more videos like this one at our website for FREE just click here http://theoutlawvideoss.webs.com/

Help from The Barnyard Boggers TheOutlawVideoSS 4X4 Truck Going UP
I Just dont know how to say Thanks for the Help I'm getting putting our truck up Before the Day we all are waiting for... I cant talk to much about it right now i think i said to much but it will all come out in the end and you will see what I'm talking about so dont feel bad if i dont comment back on some of your Questions right now... Thanks for watching check out some of The Barnyard Boggers Wheelers at http://theoutlawvideoss.webs.com/ OR at The Barnyard Boggers Website at http://www.barnyardboggers.com/index.html

Happy 4th of July Barnyard Boggers,,TheMudMama & TheOutlawVideoSS
Check out the Barnyard Boggers at http://www.barnyardboggers.com/index.html Also you can check out TheMudMama at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMudMaMa