Battery installation 2003-2005 Civic Hybrid

This video shows the installation of a new hybrid battery into a 2003-2005 Honda Civic Hybrid. It has been sped up 20% to fit Youtube's guidelines.

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How to disable the IMA on your Honda civic hybrid/ Honda insight. pick up a few mpg in the process!

2003 Honda Civic P1600 (español)
Bad Battery

Honda Civic Hybrid - Dreaded IMA Battery Light - DIY replace of 12v battery for first Journal Entry
Get the same ODB code reader I use from Amazon here: 89&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B000EVYGQY&linkCode=as2&tag=workingformon-2 0 We bought the car used in 2011. 12 months and 14k miles later the IMA light has turned on. Panic? Nope, just going to replace the 12v battery with a Costco Kirkland one to start with and go from there. I'll post some videos on our process and findings. Stay tuned... Initial IMA light at 107k and so far car now has 120k with no reduction in MPG.

2003 2004 2005 Honda Civic hybrid battery replacement
This tutorial will show you how to replace a hybrid battery on a 2003-2005 Honda Civic hybrid 1.3 liter. Follow the instructions in this video and don't touch any battery connections until the battery switch is off and you have checked the positive and negative lugs (the big orange wires) for 0 volts. If you have the switch off and you still read voltage, you best take the car to the dealer to handle a potential problem battery that could be dangerous to deal with yourself, don't take any chances if something doesn't look or seem right. If you're not comfortable with the basics of electricity, get educated before you attempt this battery replacement. You will need the following tools: ratchet, 10mm socket, 12mm socket, 6" and 12" socket extensions, t30 Torx screw bit, flat nose screw driver, volt meter that can read 144 volts. Insulated tools and rubber gloves are also highly recommended though I was a bad example and didn't use them, replace this battery at your own peril, be safe please. Replacement of the battery should take about an hour. Follow all safe practices for handling high voltage items, having insulated tools and rubber gloves would be good safety work practices. Be safe and I hope this video help you.