Ferrari California Crash A Ferrari California crashes into construction equipment as it speeds through the streets chasing another Ferrari California.

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Dodge Viper Crashes into Back of Van after showing off
A Dodge Viper is weaving around cars, goes through a tunnel and realizes traffic has stopped ahead. It's too late, it crashes into the back of a Van. Oops!

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$15 million worth of exotic car wreckage.

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Courtesy of the original video owner Mo Po via Vimeo. Click to subscribe! The most viewed aviation channel on YouTube.

World of Crashes - TF2 Style (Meet the Crashes)
Note: All sounds are from Team Fortress 2! ----------------------------------------------------------- This is the result of boredom, a compilation video of accidents, some TF2 soundfiles and a lot of free time ;) Original video found here: Steam ID: Doctor Rotcod I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I made it :D