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Trex 700 Crash
Opio's crash - Fly hard or don't fly.

CRAZY BBQ using TURBINE! 700°C, 1400 km/h exhaust jet!
Upon popular request, here's the 'Turbine BBQ' and the 'Commercials' (just fun of course) from our "Maya The Bee" stunt series with a 450-size R/C helicopter. Go to for free download of the full videos with insane R/C action!!! SUBSCRIBE NOW to NEVER MISS our latest cutting-edge heli stunts: Check out our channel with tons of HIGH-QUALITY content (no waah-waah videos!): MEET and LIKE us facebook - know what's going on behind the scenes before everyone else! You are a connoisseur? That's greaaat!!! Because here's the best ever playlist for you! Can't get enough?! We have an insane 10+ year legacy you'll just love here:

Alan Szabo t-rex 700
XFC 2008

Alan Szabo 3D Heli Demo at the 2011 AMA Expo
Alan Szabo Trex 450 demo at the 2011 AMA Expo.