'74/'75 white-freightliner Powerliner


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Freightliner Powerliner collection
Freightlne Powerliner collection

Old Freightliner Dump Truck Climbing A Hill LOADED
1976 Freightliner FLC12042T Cummins NTC400BC3 Engine, 9 Speed Transmission

Loading The Ole Freightliner - The Hard Way
*Watch In HD* I don't know if this truck had locking diff's or if they were just not able to engage them, but having the rear axles locked-up probably would've saved a lot of headaches this day. I don't know if this truck rolled to the show on this trailer or not, but it looks to me, had everything gone smoothly, that it would've scraped the tanks on the transition from the ramp to the deck anyway. Luckily the bad decision to charge the ramp when there are literally just inches of room for error didn't prove fatal to the driver or that cool old 1971 White/Freightliner cab-over. One smart decision was made there though, notice how the nice polished reefer was moved forward out of the danger zone before all the real drama started. Shot at Truckin' For Kids in Irwindale, California on Sunday October 6th, 2013.