RV Hauler Achieves 12+ MPG Imperial Towing a 17,000 lb Toy Hauler Trailer

Gregg gets 12+ MPG imperial with one of their HDT Volvo 670 RV Haulers converted to a 2.85 rear end ratio. The truck has a 400 HP Cummins engine, and a autoshift (no clutch) ZF Meritor transmission. This HDT RV puller is the perfect tow vehicle for your 5th wheel trailer or 5er. Also a great horse trailer hauler. Test Conditions: - approximately 1000Meters altitude - flat road conditions - no wind for more information see www.rvhaulers.ca

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RVHaulers Phoenix Hydraulic Smart Car Loader Bed Demo and Tour
We tour Rick's NEW 2015 Volvo Model 730. It has been outfitted with our PHOENIX hydraulic smart car loader. Rather than loading with a winch and ramps, this loader offers an alternative way of carrying your Smart For Two car, ATV or motorcycle. It certainly makes a manly-man statement in the campground when you arrive! For more information see www.rvhaulers.ca

RV Hauler Introduction
Top 10 Reasons To Choose an RV Hauler from www.rvhaulers.ca Over a Pickup Truck, Medium Duty Truck (MDT) or a Sport Truck 1.Most RV Haulers priced $59,000 - $69,000 2.Automatic shift transmissions 3.Superior safety and braking 4.Operate with a standard Class 5 drivers licence 5.10 + MPG towing the largest 5th wheel trailers 6.Outstanding horsepower and torque 7.Luxury interiors 8.Obtain service in any small town or large city 9.Seats up to 5 10.Smaller turning radius than a one ton pickup truck

2004 Freightliner Ranch Hauler Autos RV For Sale in Salt lake city, Utah
RVT.com 4808590, http://www.rvt.com/rvdetail4808590.htm - 2004 Freightliner Ranch Hauler Autos For Sale in Salt lake city, Utah - Freightliner Sport C... These and more new and used RVs for sale online at RVT.com Classifieds.

2003 Dodge Cummins Pulling Doubles
Going camping up in the Blue Hills in Wisconsin. Camper is a 31' 5th wheel Cherokee, and a 5x8 atv trailer in the back. Fully loaded, the truck is pulling over 11,000 lbs. Check out my other Dodge Cummins videos!