The battle gti vs srt-4

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Srt4 vs gti
Click on screen name to view race from a dig. gti has cold air and down pipe srt has cold air downpipe and tune.

Mach 1 vs turbo civic, GTI vs SRT4, MS6 vs turbo civic, MS6 VS GTI vs Tirbo civic
Mike L's Supercharged Mach 1 ( full car ) vs Pat's turbo civic , Mike D's GTI vs random srt 4, Gilly's MS6 vs Pat's turbo civic, then Gilly races Mike and Pat.

SRT4 vs GTI SRT4 Stage 1 kit,aem cold air intake, 3 in Custom Exhaust, dsp tune, big front mount inter cooler, walbro 255 fuel pump Shifer is really loose and hard to get into gear not able to WOT Shift GTI FMIC TUNE INTAKE EXHUST

Srt4 Gt35r Vs Gt28r gti Vs Cobra SVT 550hp