WoW PvP - Novoz 6 | World of Warcraft Fire Mage/Elemental Shaman - 33% discount to watch PvP guides from some of the best players in the world! NAO Network's Youtube: Novoz's Stream: Hi Everyone! This is my 6th video and I simply threw together the fraps I had in my folder before I deleted them :) I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I used spell icons to make it easier for people to follow the CC that is going on, I found it more visually appealing than text. I wish I had more elemental clips but unfortunately I have not been able to play it for some time now. I will return with more elemental movies in the expansion but I think fire mage is equally as entertaining! I have been having internet issues over the past few months so I have been unable to stream but I should be starting again in August for those of you who keep asking! This will be my last Cataclysm Movie! ----- | Music | ------ 1) Feint & Boyinaband - Time Bomb (feat. Veela) 2) Fareoh & Archie V - 2012 (Twenty Twelve) 3) Foxes - Youth (Adventure Club Remix) 4) Fareoh - Halo (Instrumental Mix) _________________________________________ Check out Fareoh's Music at: __________________________________________ Check out Feint's Music at: ___________________________________________ Check out more song's like the Adventure Club Remix at: _____________________________________________

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WoW PvP - Original & Iblazen - Rank 1 World Double Rogue - 33% discount to watch instructional guides from some of the best players on earth! Original and Iblazen are the Rank 1 Worldwide double rogue team! This is their first big release, featuring double point of view against some of the best teams. Remember to subscribe, rate and comment if you enjoyed it! VIDEO SUMMARY: --Arena Tournament Realm ( 2 vs 2 & 3 vs 3 ) --BG9 & Nightfall Ladder Matches --Season 11: Rogue, Rogue ( 2 vs 2 ) --Double POV & Music --Played by: Original & Iblazen --Edited by: Cobrak ---About Us--- "Original and Iblazen... dueling for years... double rogue for ages... enemies for life." Facebook - 1. Breathe Carolina - Blackout (Garret Lent Dubstep Remix) 2. Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Xilent Remix) 3. Hate Mosh & Shy Kidx - Hanging On 4. Meiko - Leave The Lights On (Culture Code Remix)

Mystic - Rank 1 Highest Rated Ret - Season 14
Revolutionize the way you game only at: ! - Hey, all these games are from the end of season 14 with Souken and Waffle. There's also a warrior montage at the end! Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the video. Song List: Klaypex - Lights (Skrux Remix) Edit Mediks - Blown Away (Raise Spirit Remix) Mediks - Don t Let Go (Ft. Sarah Watson) Curious Kontrol - To The Stars Submatik - Firefly Laszlo - Fall To Light - Follow our social media to keep up to date with what's happening around and the professional gaming house. Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

WoW PvP - Rank 1 3v3 | Rogue Mage Priest by Zelyx - 33% discount to watch thousands of guides by the best players on earth! In this video Zelyx brings some outstanding Patch 5.0 RMP footage! If you enjoyed it, remember to subscribe, rate & comment! Thank you for watching.

WoW PvP - Hoodrych 6 - 33% discount to learn the secrets of PvP from the best WoW PvP-ers in the world! - Hoodrych's personal website blog! 5x Rank 1 | MLG Champion | Blizzcon Regional competitor - Hoodrych aka Hr aka "The Boss"! I've always tried to release only quality videos, and this one is no exception. I find cleave videos to be somewhat boring, so it's taken awhile to gather footage to make a decent Cataclysm video. I'm showcasing WLS/WLP on live and the TR. A lot of games were taken from my stream, so I apologize the quality isn't top notch. Hope you enjoy. - Hoodrych's channel - Stream Page Music: El-P - Cancer for Cure Trailer El-P - How To Serve Man The Meanest Things I'd Never Say EL-P - Time Won´t Tell [Instrumental] EL-P - Request Denied EL-P - Stay Down