BHP Motors Vega first runs

BHP motors Vega first runs at the track, Car doesn't lanch hard. Tuning needed on the mechanical alcohol injection system

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Bad Ass Vega
1972 Vega, 2007 Season recap.

Mikes 8-71 blown Camaro

Whiteys wild ride
After 2 consecutive personal best times in the previous passes , whitey had made the 'B' final at the boxing day meet against Ralph Kometer, just after the launch number 1 rod let go , punching a hole in the sump, oil sprayed on to the track causing the dodge to lose traction . A very nice bit of driving by whitey to save the dodge clipping Ralph who won the 'b' final.

2011 Bakersfield March Meet Tony Noto Grumpy's Toy Crash
Real bummer this car crashed. Tony Noto in his 1974 Grumpy's Toy Vega Pro Stock replica. This was hands down my favorite car at the March Meet. My dad had a Popular Hot Rodding centerfold of this car in my room when I was a kid. Let's hope Tony will rebuild...I want to see more Nostalgia Pro Stock cars like this one with the vintage wheels and dry hops (something you don't see anymore). I hope everyone likes my little Diamond P replay tribute.