Go-Kart Burnout Yamaha YZ 490 engine

drivers veiw from a Yamaha YZ 490 electronic gear change 5 speed bike engine in a clubman go kart

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Sidewinder Buggy Yamaha YZ490 the Edge
2 years on the making, The Edge Sidewinder, Yamaha YZ490 engine and all the pimp bits. Just a little clip to to show it off.

YZ 490 Go-Kart P1.wmv
Yamaha YZ 490 motorbike engine in a clubman Go-Kart, has electronic gear change and stalls the motor on the up shift,(Button shift on the teering wheel) runs twin RD 250 road bike rear calipers on go-kart disc's.. that a mate matt and i built and had runing about 10 years ago, matt has spent the last few years sorting things and fine tuneing it, we thought that youtube was a good place to show what can be built at home in the back shed..everything on this was hand built..ie; gas tank engine mounts frame braceing brake setup etc.. you may notice how of set the stering wheel and seat are as we had to make room for that half a liter two stroke engine...

Oh crap.... First little running on the fully rebuilt 1985 YZ 490.... and...... Stay tuned!!!