DTM ITC 1996 - Norisring - Magnussen crash

Closely to the end of the ITC/DTM race 1 1996 Jan Magnussen suffered a total brake failure and went head on into emergency exit at the end of Norisring's start/finish straight. According to the data recording he hit the first tire barrier with a speed of more than 160 kilometers an hour...and catapulted that one about 6 meters into the air. Unfortunately for Magnussen after Rosbergs crash there two years earlier massive concrete blocks with tire barriers were installed at the of that exit. Magnussen was basically unhurt but his Mercedes probably was a total write off. That one was the second and final lesson using a tripod at Norisring is not helpful all the time.. :(

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Rubens Barrichello (Stewart SF01) qualifying run - 1997 Australian Grand Prix.
Rubens Barrichello on his way to qualifying 11th, with a time of 1'33.075, for the Stewart team's first Grand Prix. In the race, he survived a desperate lunge from Giancarlo Fisichella's Jordan, and was heading for seventh place when his engine failed with nine laps to go - the harbinger of a season with promising moments spoiled by chronic unreliability. Team-mate Jan Magnussen qualified in 19th position, 1.6 seconds slower, and retired with suspension failure after 36 laps.