Big Block Buick 455

1970 Buick lesabre 455 1st time at the 1/4 mile TA performance headders three inch magnaflow exaust untouched engine w/ 70000 miles oringinal 750 quadrajet 2.93 rearend .Th400 tranny w/B&M shift kit car weight @ 4066 lbs aprox 400 -425 hp 510 ftlbs of torque open differential ,and street tires could not launch with much over 1000 rpm fighting wheelspin well into second gear see other video

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9 Second Buick GSX Stage2 GS Stage1 9.51 @ 140
We originally built this car with Frank Urbinati back in 1996.It debuted at the GS Nationals where it won the GS Pro Street class races. It was also the 1st GS Pro Street class car to break into the 9's at the time.Thanks to Frank this project came to life. Fast forward to 2010 and the car has been taken over by Bob Ortolani,the car still looks great and Bob decided to bring it up another level. We were happy to have the car come back to our shop and to have the opportunity to work with Bob and put together the new powerplant. The video shows the results of our 1st day out to tune the engine. The 1st two passes were shakedowns to check fuel/oil pressures and get a feel for the new combo. By the 3rd run we had posted a 9.62 @ 138 hitting the 7100rpm rev limiter chip! The 4th run was a 9.52 @ 140. On the 5th run it went 9.51 @ 140.65! After a good cool down and a timing adjustment we were ready to try for a 9.40 run, launching right off idle the car gave us a nice big unexpected wheelie! The wheelie sure lookes cool but we know we can go quicker with a little more suspension work to straighten out the launch and try to keep the front down. We're sure it'll go into the 9.40's yet and maybe even 30's after everything is worked out.

Camaro Z28 messing with 455 GTO on the street
Late-Model Camaro Z28 with bolt-ons messing with a classic 455 swapped GTO. The GTO jams it and then one of the passengers thought they were being tailed by an unmarked B4C (special service police) Camaro holding a radar gun (video camera, lol) notice the nervous and unsure look on his face as we roll beside, then his complete and total relief once he recognized a couple old pals in just a regular Camaro, lol. (This Camaro made 280hp at the wheels and ran 13.1 at Mason Dixon Dragstrip) This footage was shot way back, many years ago, with an old junky analog camera, so apologize for the poor video quality. Produced by nedaCFilms / &

1970 Big Block Buick 455 burnout
4000 pound plus buick lesabre 455 wide open at the track awsome torque 2.93 gear ratio

1986 Olds Cutlass- 455 on the Dyno
1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Oldsmobile 455 Big Block Edelbrock Olds 455 Performer Intake Motor: 1973 Olds 455 with "C" Heads and Edelbrock Intake Connecting Rods have been ground down Zero Decked, Square Decked and align Honed the block. Cylinders Bored .030 Over ~468 Cubic Inches Edelbrock 750 CFM 4bbl Carburator Lunati Voodoo Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam - Oldsmobile V8 268/276 Advertised Duration Int/Exh: 268/276 Duration @ .050 Int/Exh: 227/233 Gross Valve Lift Int/Exh: .510/.522 LSA/ICL: 110/106 Valve Lash Int/Exh: Hyd/Hyd RPM Range: 1600-5800 Includes: Cam Only Part Number: 10420703 Previous Part Number: 60803 All rotating pieces have been balanced within 1/4 gram of each other. Transmission: TH200-R4 Grand national 4 speed Transmission B&M Stage II Shift Kit Hardened Input Shaft 2200 Stall Lockup Converter B&M Mega Shifter 10 Vein Pump Rear End: 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 8.5" Rear End 3.73 Gears Posi Carrier with rebuilt clutchpack Suspension: All Poly bushings from energy suspension Chevy S10 Shocks (Front / Rear) Increased spring rate Front: 420lb/in to 650lb/in Increased spring rate Rear: 120b/in to 140lb/in Wheels: Front: 17x8 245/45/R17 Rear: 17x9.5 275/40/R17 Exhaust: 2.5” Dual Exhaust Dual 2 Chamber 40 Series Flow masters Reproduction W/Z manifolds Ported, Below are the flow specs after the port job.