AE86 Turbocharged Donuts

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AE86 Turbocharged more Donuts
Baking Donuts

Low & Loud Purple AE86
Yet another video featuring one of Morocco's cars. This video shows off his purple Toyota Corolla GTS on Work Meister S1 wheels. When he bought the car it was in rough shape, but with a some time and money he quickly transformed it into a show-worthy classic. LIKE: FOLLOW: Song 1: Song 2: Kee did the burnout at the end.

AE86 ITB turbo- 11psi
Ae86 build. too much to list all curtsy to Independent Speed Shop Thanks again to Bill Currently doing 11 psi 7000rpm, if i rmb correctly its 235 hp rear wheel and 185lb torque rear wheel still in breaking in period will find another day for a 15psi tune at 8200rpm....see how that turns out.....

Toyota Corolla AE86 0-200 km/h First Run
AE86 dos 0 aos 200km/h. em estrada nacional AE86 0 to 200 km/h in common street