Engine running on test stand.

Engine running on test stand. Most of detail work is complete. Valve train is settling down andsounding good.

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V12 Solenoid Engine - Top Speed - HD
Unique home made v12 solenoid motor - 2,700rpm maximum, when it's in a good mood. ........................................................................... ...................................................................Technica l details: 60 degree V12 - runs on 24v dc fixed - "cylinder bore" 8mm, Stroke 10mm, theoretical total displacement is just 6cc, sealed roller bearings 684zz (4x9x4mm) are used for the main and big end bearings, the flywheel bearings are larger (4x13x5mm) to handle the weight of the flywheel (900g), the crankshaft is made up of one hundred and forty individual parts, and is counterweighted to balance the rotational mass (the reciprocating mass cancels itself out in the v12 design), the flywheel is an old drill chuck, the tachometer pickup is on the rear of the timing / distributor shaft, solenoid model used: SOLEN 121E16530, these solenoids have built in flyback diodes, the switching transistors are 2N3055. The engine is running as a 2 stroke here but can also run as a 4 stroke at the flick of a switch. The panel meters and digital tachometer are available on ebay. Nuts, bolts, bearings, wiring, solenoids, 4mm brass rod & timing gear all obtained from ebay. The timing chain and sprockets are Meccano, marked "Fabrique en Angleterre" (Made in England), like the engine they are on. Total weight of engine = 6kg approx. Built with basic tools, in a shed, using scrap aluminium & wood, Enjoy :) Link to V12 build video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k64LixRRfEw&list=UUihznO2OXSWgUv3TFQPpOjg Solenoid specifications are here https://www.esr.co.uk/electronics/switches-solenoid.htm

Engine test stand plans completed!
Finished up the test stand and put my rebuilt big block Chevy on it! The stand worked great!

cheap engine test stand
I'm starting an engine on a swap meet engine cradle before I put it in the car.These things can be bought at auto swap meets for $25 to $30 bucks.Chevy,Ford,Mopar

sleeper vw bug
I took a 60 vw bug that was sitting for 25 years, rebuilt a motor for it, and took it to the track. Didnt even wash it! to Prove whats on the outside isnt what counts. Its what we DONT see that does. Motor is all VW with stock block clearenced for stroker crank, stock crank is welded stroker, has 92mm pistons to equal 2180, vw heads ported, and dual IDF webber carbs. mild 125 engle cam. I know its not a super fast car like most other videos on here, but for what it is, a stock bug with skinny 165 metric tires, and a stock vw motor with very old hot rod technology, it does pretty good. The way it is I a ran a 13.41@100mph on the stock tires. I have since pulled the motor and building 2235 with Mofoco 050 Made in USA heads, FK45, 48idf's, Pouter 1:4's