My 1972 Plymouth Satellite

This is my Satellite. Its got a 5.2L 318 Small Block V8, TorqueFlite 3 Speed Automatic Transmission, Carter BBS 1 pumper, right now has dual cherry bomb glass packs, front end lowered a little bit, gonna upload a new video when i can. Its a great car. wouldn't trade it for anything.

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Update on my 1972 Plymouth Satellite
New: Tinted windows, 20%, edlebrock chrome valve covers, cherrybomb 18inch glasspacks, 2 inch piping all the way back and more. I'll post better Exhaust vids and some takeoffs later.

1972 Plymouth Satellite 340 4 Barrel (update 12/14/09)
An update of my 72' Plymouth Satellite back together after the 340.

1972 plymouth satellite
i wish it was buts its not my car anymore

Uncle Tony's '72 Dodge Coronet Custom
Finding my 1972 Dodge Coronet Custom at Carlisle and retrieving it last Labour Day (that's the English/Commonwealth way of spelling it brothers and sisters) was a helluva lot of fun. Here's a little travelogue to show you some of what happened. Original paint, 56,00 miles, working a/c (which I used), the car is a dream.