1977 CanAm vs. Grand Prix GTP

1977 CanAm vs. Grand Prix GTP at Great Lakes Dragaway on April 10th, 2010.

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My 77' Pontiac LeMans Can Am(stock) Vs. Hatchback 1/4 mile
My 77' Pontiac LeMans(Special Edition)Can Am(stock) Vs. Hatchback 1/4 mile.

GTO Club at Slinger 2009 05 17
The Original GTO Club of Milwaukee was invited to do parade laps at Slinger Super Speedway on May 17th. Here is a video looking out the windshield of my 1977 Pontiac CanAm.

The Pontiac Can Am in NH

Pontiac Grand Prix Modell 80 ez 1977 LJ targa - Mördersound