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Worst Bear Attacks on Humans
7 worst bear attacks on humans! These grizzly bear & black bear attacks on man are shocking; people were eaten alive with no chance of survival. This video was done in collaboration with Alltime Conspiracies! Click here to check them out: And to continue watching their video on The Jersey Devil, click here: Subscribe to They Will Kill You for new videos: December, 2013: Florida resident Susan Chalfant narrowly escapes a bear attack while walking her dogs in her gated community. During her daily stroll, a black bear jumped out of nowhere & began attacking her. Neighbors watched the horrendous incident unfold as it began mauling Susan. After one of the bystanders immediately called 9-1-1, she was finally able to escape to a neighbor’s house. Upon arriving at the hospital, workers discovered that she was bleeding from the head. It turns out that the bear had bit her face. Susan was later able to recall the event, stating that the black bear knocked her down, circled around as if to block her escape route, then attacked again by biting her face. She fought back by trying to gouge its eyes out, which successfully helped in fending the bear off. Authorities were able to catch the bear & it's been living in captivity ever since. Wildlife officials speculate it was a mother bear that mistook Chalfant & her dogs as a threat to her cubs, and was ultimately acting to protect her offspring; although they have not ruled out the possibility of it being a predatory attack either. The Sankebetsu Brown Bear Incident is considered to be the worst bear attack in Japan's history. Between December 9th and December 14th, 1915, seven Japanese settlers were killed by a brown bear named Kesagake, who awoke early from hibernation. A group of people initially shot at this same bear less than two weeks earlier on November 30th, hoping that it would scare away after the shooting. On December 9th, however, Kesagake appeared at the home of a farmer named Hasumi Mikko. The bear managed to kill the farmer by biting his skull, then attacked his wife, Abe Mayu. The wife tossed firewood at the bear but was eventually killed & dragged off into the forest. The next day, a group of villagers went looking for the bear in order to kill it. They began shooting upon finding it, but only one of them managed to hit the beast. While they were able to escape the ordeal unharmed, they DID manage to find the remains of Mayu, the farmer's wife. This confirmed that the bear was indeed dangerous. Knowing the bear's savage tendencies, they plotted to kill it by setting a trap. This, however, did not stop Kesagake. It went on to kill a mother & her children after breaking into their hut & mauling the victims to death. Nearby guardsmen shot at the beast several times & missed, thus allowing it to escape the village unharmed. The villagers enlisted famed bear hunter Yamamoto Heikigachi to track down & kill Kesagake. After trailing it for a day or so, the old hunter managed to land two shots on the bear, after which it finally went down. In July & August of 2011, several hikers were killed by a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park. This sparked an investigation to find the bear responsible for the deaths, which eventually led to the capture of the bear, known as Wapiti Sow. It was eventually put down via lethal injection. According to a story in the Washington Post, Yellowstone National Park saw no fatalities from bear attacks for nearly 30 years. But as the bear population increased along with the number of visitors to the park, that all changed in 2010 when a bear attacked a campground & killed two people. Then in 2011, one of the mother bear’s victims was Lance Crosby, an experienced hiker who worked part time at the park. After going missing during a hike, rescuers eventually found his body half a mile from the nearest trail. He had been mauled to death & partially eaten by a bear. Another victim was Brian Matayoshi who—along with his wife—stumbled upon Wapiti Sow & her cubs. Brian tried running away, but the bear chased him down & bit his legs. His wife, Marilyn, survived by pretending to be dead. She tried saving her husband after the bear left but it was too late. He bled to death before help could even arrive. The bear also claimed the life of John Wallace, a self-described grizzly expert according to Outside Online. He suffered a similar fate to Lance Crosby & Brian Matayoshi while hiking & was found dead meters away from the trail with bite marks on his arms, indicating attempts to defend himself. Slate Magazine reported that during an investigation, wildlife experts gathered bear DNA evidence from the victims. This allowed them to make a positive identification on the bear when they trapped her & her cubs. While Wapiti Sow was ultimately put down after much deliberation & consultation with wildlife experts, the

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Pit bull vs tiger. Leopard attacks guard dogs. Mountain lion hunting dog. Fights. Most amazing CCTV security camera tapes Real attacks on dogs Tiger attack pit bull. Leopard attack dog. Mountain lion fight dog. Wild animals hunting dogs compilation. Pitbull dogs are still used for hunting but sometimes hunters get hunted. Warning to dog owners that live near wild apex predators. Most amazing wild animal attacks caught on tape Watch more: ________________________________________________________________ Victims fight back Wild boar attack lion.Fight vs wolf, vs bear, vs tiger. Eaten by giant anaconda ______________________________________________________________ Leopard vs crocodile. Jaguar attacks giant anaconda. Lion vs python snake Craziest animal fights

Man vs Bear: Man punches bear; bear attacks and more - Bears compilation
1. A Polish man decided to get up close and personal with a bear in her enclosure at Warsaw Zoo this week, and wound up punching the beast on the head….and surviving 2. There’s a reason most zoos have signs up saying “don’t feed the animals,” but evidentially, these modern additions to zookeeping have yet to reach China. 3. With just a hand axe, a goat herder in Bosnia got the better of a brown bear when it rushed him earlier this month. His axe blows reportedly nearly decapitated the animal. 4. Photos of the black bear that mauled a hiker to death in New Jersey in September have been released following an Open Public Records Act request. The images were found on the dead man's smartphone and were taken just minutes before the animal attacked. 5. The Traverse family has a new hero after their little dog Sid saved the family from becoming a midnight snack for a hungry grizzly bear. Be sure to subscribe to TomoNews for more of the craziest news stories from around the world. ------------------------------------------------------- For news that's fun and never boring, visit our channel: Subscribe to stay updated on all the top stories: Visit our website for all the latest, uncensored videos: Check out our Android app: Check out our iOS app: Stay connected with us here: Facebook Twitter @tomonewsus Google+ Instagram @tomonewsus

Hungry Cougar vs brave dogs, Highlands, Victoria
Cougar no match for brave dogs: Kovu and Teaka- Highlands, Victoria, Canada