How to install Nova Rossi Basic N21-5T bearings

Danny demonstrates how to install NovaRossi Basic N21 5T bearings. Products used: MR607C-ZZTH9/C3 MX25814CE-T46/C3#3 AF2

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How to Replace OS V Spec .21 Engine Bearings Part 1
Brian demonstrates how to properly remove and install OS V Spec .21 Engine Bearings. Bearings used: ENK-161-MX

How to use the NOVAROSSI Ball Bearing Extractor tool.
In this short 3D animation movie we show you how to use the NOVAROSSI BallBearing Extractor tool. To give a better view of how it works, we use only 1 half of a crankcase.

Hyper 9 & modified NovaRossi
Since everything with "Rossi" in it's name is fast, this engine (NovaRossi N21B09 PS) was a bit of a disappointment; it had a narrow powerband, high rpm, but no real grunt. The idling was unstable too. Those are actually the characteristics of a long stroke engine. Since i have experience with tuning long stroke 2 stroke engines (1 on 1 scale) i decided to give it a go. Luckily it's a simple engine. It's not quite clearly visible on these pictures, but the sleeve is ported, the crankshaft is "scooped" and the intake is timed. The Exhaust port is left untouched. The result surprised me. Throttle respons is better, it has a wider powerband with slightly less rpm, power increased big time, better fuel economy (i don't give it full throttle so much anymore), idling is more stable and the temperature dropped. Exhaust is standard HoBao, glowplug is a HPI #5, fuel containes 16% nitromethane,clutchbell is a HoBao 13 teeth, outside temperature was 24 degr. celcius.

How to Remove-Install Nitro Engine Bearings! bluelineRC/NitroMad48
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