Super Toilet Can Flush Anything

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The Toilet Overfloweth
I was having plumbing issues in the spring of 2010. My landlord seemed to think it wasn't a big deal, that is, until I showed him this. What you see coming out of the toilet is Rid-X and water. I don't know anything about plumbing. I thought Rid-X would help, as you can see it didn't. Just made a bigger mess. (8/23/2012) Just so ya'll know, this only happened when I did laundry, not when I flushed. There was a clog elsewhere in the pipes and it had nothing to do with the toilet. Also, this video is really old, so NO I'm not still dealing with this. Been fixed for the longest damn time now. Just have a good laugh at it and move the hell on and watch some other equally ridiculous youtube video.

Potty Training (Flowgo)
Baby is getting potty trained, here is what he wants you to know.

The Flushing of the Cereal
Disposable Society... Epiralling

Sand by Brookstone
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