Condor PS1500 wheel chock set up & demonstration video

The Condor Wheel Chock model PS1500 is easy to setup and use. It's an extremely valuable tool for your shop, garage, or even trailer with the optional TK3000 trailer kit. The motorcycle used in the demonstration is a 2007 yellow Ducati 1098. Condor wheel chocks are manufactured by Condor-Lift and you may buy them at There are several different models available including the ps1500tk which includes a trailer kit, a trailer only model, sc2000, and scooter chocks and accessories for your sport bike or cruiser.

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How to use a Hitchlugger
Here is a walkthrough guide to using a Hitchlugger. I purchased one of these recently for when I take my bike on holiday in the back of the van. I first saw it when I used Speedferries from Dover last year. Absolutely brilliant! These new ones are so much easier to use than the one on Speedferries. Safe and secure motorcycle transporter frame.

Wheel chock installation on an enclosed trailer
This video shows how I installed a removable 3.5 inch wheel chock for hauling a scooter inside an enclosed trailer.

Review of MaxxTow Wheel Chocks MT70075 - Today were going to review part number MT70075. This is the MaxxTow adjustable motorcycle wheel chock with the three position bracket. This wheel chock will easily and securely store your motorcycle as a pivoting bracket, which will let you roll the bike into place and then it will cradle its tire for sturdy positioning. It bolts onto the floor of your shop or your trailer. Basically the way this would operate is you would put this all the way down and then roll your motorcycle front tire onto this, and as you roll it onto here, it would actually push down on this and as your motorcycle rolls forward into the chock here, this pivoting bracket will come and secure or cradle the front tire to hold it into place. It makes loading and unloading a snap. Note: Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Condor Cycle Loader Adjustments