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Sebring National Limp Mode

Saturday race, Qualified outside pole in STU. Made some changes before the race with fingers crossed it wouldn't go into limp mode. Happened at least 5 times on the 1st lap.


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Sebring 2011 - SCCA Touring 2 Sunday Race
Race Group 6 (GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, T1, T2) T2 Starters: 1. Brian Kleeman (Blue 350Z - camera car) 2. Richard Baldwin (Silver 350Z) 3. Bill Steinhoff (Orange 350Z) 4. Alan Kossof (White BMW)

55 miatas in 12 minutes - sebring 2011
driving a 350z touring car, started behind all 55 miatas at anSCCA national . I have nothing to be proud of for beating them, but I am proud of some of the crazy moves, patience at times, passes for most without affecting their race, and all without a scratch on my car. Well, ok I must admit I dragged the underside of my car on a few curbs....

How To Bypass Limp Mode
Limp Mode is a safety system designed to protect the engine from being damaged during extremely hot temperatures. Once Limp Mode engages, the engine will only run at very low rpms and be barely able to move. More modern age derby cars are having this system built into it, so always research your engine before derbying it. By removing the sensor and placing it outside the engine, the computer will always think the engine temp is the same as outside air.

Transmission No Shift Case Study (P0888)
To learn more of testing procedures shown in this video, go to www.scannerdanner.com This is a 2002 Dodge Caravan that is stuck in second gear. This is known as limp home mode or transmission limp mode. In this video I cover the following: How to test a computer controlled relay How to do a loaded circuit voltage drop test How to determine if a relay is power or ground side controlled. How to test for an open circuit Why the computer enters limp mode P0888 Flow Chart Transmission wiring diagram overview Transmission solenoid power

92 Chrysler Labaron Solenoid Pack.wmv
92 Chrysler Lebaron 3.0 4sp. A604 Transaxle Solenoid Pack Removed/Disassembled. Help me get my free prize! You can get one too, just ask me how! http://tinyurl.com/9l47brm

2015 SCCA Dixie Championship Tour D-Street Sunday Run 1
1st and quickest run on Sunday

2014 SCCA Solo Nationals West Course G-Street Volvo S60 RD
4th place for the day run

Bypassing Neutral Safety Switch, Chrysler sebring 2000
How I bypassed my NSS. NOTE: Connect EITHER Black/blue OR black/white to the switch. Don't connect them both. Connect the other side of the switch to a wire leading to a ground. Connecting bla/blu to bl/wh won't have any results. I made a mistake so I had to rewire it, however forgot to redo the video until it was already installed. 1) Remove wiring harness attached to tranny. (there's 4 connections: 2 accessible from top, 2 from under your car.) 2) Splice either Black/blue wire, or black/white wire, on the 10 pin (it has space for 10 pins, but there's actually only 9 pins...) connector which attaches to your NSS. 3) Attach spade connectors to wire, and attach them to the same side of the on/off switch. 4) Attach other side of switch to a wire which leads to ground. I used 16 ga wire, and attached it by the negative battery terminal to the frame. 5) Re-install harness. 6) Test if bypass works by flipping switch to "on" and trying to start your car in any gear other than park or neutral.

Audi R18 B-Roll, Sebring Test March 2011
B-roll footage shot by Audi of America of the Audi R18 testing at Sebring in March 2011. Read more Audi news and features and find a massive gallery of the R18 at the test at http://www.fourtitude.com

Car News Weekly : Audi A6 Allroad, BMW Recalls, Electric Cars still too costly
http://newcarnet.tv In this week's episode: Audi A6 Allroad goes on sale, Master Maserati Driving Course, Ford's Speed Limiter, BMW 5 and 6 Series Recall, Electric Cars still too costly, SEAT sold via Twitter. To watch all the latest motoring news, plus car reviews and international Motor Show coverage, visit http://newcarnet.co.uk

Nissan Navara STX-D40 limp mode with no CEL
This is an ongoing problem with my Nav. Seems to be common across the board

Florida State Championships SCCA G-Street Volvo S60 R-Design
Class win and #1 in Pax Run

2014 Solo Nationals East Course G-Street Volvo S60 R-design
2nd run of the Camera Died before 3rd run. 3rd run was .1 quicker. Finshed 3rd

2007 Dodge Charger R/T in Limp Mode
http://www.chargerforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159543 Link to problem

How To Install Replace Camshaft Position Sensor 2.7L V6 Chrysler Dodge
http://www.1aauto.com/1A/camshaft-position-sensor/Chrysler/Sebring/1ACPS000 36 In this video, 1A Auto shows you how to remove, replace and install a broken camshaft position sensor. This video applies to the Chrysler Sebring sedan and convertible as well as the Dodge Stratus sedan, model years 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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