Sebring National Limp Mode

Saturday race, Qualified outside pole in STU. Made some changes before the race with fingers crossed it wouldn't go into limp mode. Happened at least 5 times on the 1st lap.

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How To Know If Your Car Is In Limp Mode. How to fix it!
This is a brief video on what limp mode is and how to fix being in limp mode!

Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Fix - Limp Mode & Error Code 0700
This video features a test of a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan that shifts fine when the engine and transmission are cool, but goes into limp mode and shows a 0700 error code when the engine warms up. The first error code test did not read 0700 per this video: I solved my transmission issue for under $50 by replacing the automatic transmission filter with this AC Delco filter: and also replacing the transmission fluid with Castrol ATF4

How To Bypass Limp Mode in a Derby Car
THIS IS FOR A DERBY CAR APPLICATION. Not to be used on the road driving. Limp Mode is a safety system designed to protect the engine from being damaged during extremely hot temperatures. Once Limp Mode engages, the engine will only run at very low rpms and be barely able to move. More modern age derby cars are having this system built into it, so always research your engine before derbying it. By removing the sensor and placing it outside the engine, the computer will always think the engine temp is the same as outside air.

How to fix Dodge Caravan limp mode / transmission problems
Hope this video works out for you guys the van was in limbo I wouldn't get out of second gear all I did was replace the TCM and now the van works great I hope this works for you guys go down to the local junk yard and pick up one of those tcm's I paid 20 bucks not too hard to get to just remove the tire and the wheel well cover if this helps you please leave a comment or like thank you and good luck!