1974 Plymouth Satellite Road Runner "Clone"

Here's some Satellite "B" Body trivia for you. Dirty Harry took a 1974 Plymouth Satellite window shopping in the beginning of "Enforcer". Well this car is too nice to drive through any windows. This is a nice recreation of a Roadrunner with the appropriate purple "Beep Beep" horn. Get your Vitamin C in the orange every time to take this beauty out for a drive.

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74' Plymouth Roadrunner 440 V8

1974 Plymouth Road Runner
1974 Road runner with a 318 motor

1958 Plymouth Fury Commercial - "Plymouth Stays Young"
High endurance test. From Los Angeles to Miami 58,000 miles....not quite sure how this "science" proves that the Plymouth stays young? That brake test......I like how they measure the distance the car went further...but they weren't actually side by side when the brakes were applied...

*SOLD* 1983 Oldsmobile 15th Anniversary Hurst
This Hurst 15th Anniversary Edition is just what the NASCAR doctor ordered, a mean, clean driving machine. This "G" body Cutlass is equipped with the unique "Lighting Rod" shifter, this car will earn some respect whether you need a quick hole shot or a nice weekend of cruising! There is nothing gutless about this Cutlass!