1974 Plymouth Satellite Road Runner "Clone"

Here's some Satellite "B" Body trivia for you. Dirty Harry took a 1974 Plymouth Satellite window shopping in the beginning of "Enforcer". Well this car is too nice to drive through any windows. This is a nice recreation of a Roadrunner with the appropriate purple "Beep Beep" horn. Get your Vitamin C in the orange every time to take this beauty out for a drive.

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1973 RoadRunner For Sale - $19,900.00 Call me for info at 304-671-1555
For Sale - $19,900 - 1973 Plymouth RoadRunner. This numbers matching car has been cared for very tenderly while at home in my garage. I have a new project now and it's time for this Runner to roll on. The only custom work done is the Mopar bass box in the trunk that I had built for the car. I've replaced the camshaft and done other minor upgrades like MSD ignition ect...

Restored Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus, Restyled with VHT and Dupli-Color Paints
The Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus is fully restored! See how we did the body work, wheel paint, dashboard restyle, engine bay, engine, calipers.... you name it, we did it! Learn more about VHT products here: http://vhtpaint.com/ Check out Dupli-Color's products here: http://www.duplicolor.com/ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/VHTPaint And Facebook too: http://www.facebook.com/VHTPaint

1972 Plymouth Satellite/Roadrunner
Video showing off my 1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring. Has a 318 Engine, 3 speed transmission.

The Plymouth Satellite offered many models to choose from. They included the coupe, 4-door sedan, 4-door wagon, Sebring hardtop coupe, Custom 4-door sedan and wagons, Regent 4-door wagon, and this Sebring Plus hardtop coupe. Above this was the Plymouth Road Runner. The Satellite was the now the premier intermediate car as the Plymouth Barracuda would be dropped after this year. The Sebring Plus had a base price of $ 3,621 and sold a total of 18,480 units. The only engine for a Plus is a V8, 400 cube with either 205, 250, or 275 horsepower. Plymouth this year rose to third place in the industry with Oldsmobile and Pontiac following. This beauty shown here in glossy black paint rest on authentic mag wheels, has a grained black vinyl padded roof, and an interior that shows off pleated black vinyl seats, a faux wood grain console, and a dash that holds a tachometer. A triple black star to behold. Thanks very much for viewing this 1974 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus hardtop coupe.