BMW 530d e39


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BMW E39 530D 40-220kmh 2 bieg / 2 gang - HD!
BMW E39 530D po lekkim koksie, 2 bieg 40 do 220kmh

BMW E39 530D 0 - V MAX
BMW E39 530D 0 - V MAX Przyspieszenie od 0 do maksymalnej prędkości

1999 BMW 530d E39 Touring.
Just having a bit of fun on my way home on the autobahn in Croatia. I was climbing a hill so the acceleration isn't as fast. But it was still fun!

BMW E39 530d 0-100 (gearbox in sport mode)
Accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in my 2002 BMW E39 530d. Gearbox is in sport mode. Check my other videos for gearbox in normal mode.