SAAB SID LCD display pixel repair SILVER ribbon cable KIT for 9-3 93 9-5 95

This is a video that shows the SAAB SID LCD display before and after the pixel repair KIT was replaced. Dead and fading pixels were fixed.

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SAAB 93 95 SID LCD Pixel Repair
How to fit our replacement SAAB 93 95 SID LCD, very easy job just make sure the PCB ribbon contacts are very clean. Available on our website SAAB Page will fit both SID1 and SID2. Thanks for looking

theSAABguy Repairs: SAAB Information Display SID Replacement of Ribbon Cable
This video is another video showing the process of repairing the SAAB Information Display (called the SID) using a replacement ribbon cable from

Saab Information Display (SID) Dead Pixel Repair
Replacement of Saab information display dead pixel ribbon. Lots of trial and error. Skip to minute 12 for successful application. How to remove SID from car, disassemble, replace ribbon, reassemble, test, drink beer, redo, redo ,redo.

SAAB SID LCD pixel fix repair KIT with silver ribbon cable LCD assembly
We intoduce the the newest Pixelfix SAAB SID pixel fix KIT that comes with: - brand new LCD - SiLVER ribbon cable (installed) - stainless steel clip - as durable as never before This UNCUT instuctional video covers the whole repair from the very beginning, until the very end. If you have questions not covered by the repair video, please ask!