Ferrari 360 Spider Full Throttle accelerating Sound !


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Ferrari 360 spider sound

Ferrari 360 Modena: First Drive
My first real drive in the Ferrari. *Doug DeMuro

Ferrari 360 Modena - Full Throttle Loud Sounds!
Facebook: Twitter: Last week we saw this pretty nice Ferrari 360 Modena. Not the most rare supercar there is, but the sound is loud! We really like the sound of 360, especially when it goes full throttle! :D The owner was very kind! He showed us the engine and talked about a lot of things about the car. After that he accelerated really fast! So we hope you enjoy, and don't forget to LIKE! :D -TwinCharched©

Ferrari 360 Spider Leaving the Lot
The guy leaves the parking lot in his Ferrari and leaves a trail of noise along with it :)