Chevy Colorado Thrush Welded Exhaust LOUD!!

Trush welded cat back on a 2005 Chevy Colroado 3.5L

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MBRP Exhaust Systems - Dual Exhaust Chevy Colorado Video
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Chevy Colorado Flowmaster Exhaust System
2006 chevy colorado with a new Flowmaster Exhaust system

A loud coldstart of my 2007 GMC Canyon. It has a muffler delete I had a FlowMaster 40 series with cat less down pipes. Now I have a muffler delete with a Borla catted Downpipe. I'm hoping to get Borla XR-1 headers for my GMC. If not then I'll just get the KPE headers off of eBay. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and please like and subscribe if you did enjoy the video thanks

Chevy colorado aero turbine muffler
2008 chevy colorado 3.7 with aero turbine at2525. truck has no cats and jumps up 4" pipe right past the muffler. ignore my ghetto wire hanger this was to get an idea of exit and will be changed a bit