Solo - Tempering The Blade quest in World of Warcraft.mp4

During the quest chain for Quel'Delar, you must go into the Forge of Souls and temper the blade. I used an invisibility potion to run past the first boss and then "got around" the last boss like this.

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Battered Hilt - Quel'Delar Quest Line Horde Side Complete
Here is a video showing all the quest interactions for the Battered Hilt quest line. Completed on a live server (Maelstrom, US), the quest spans several continents and major lore characters including an instanced version of the Sunwell and a special meeting with Uther in the Halls of Reflection. I try to present this in the most cinematic way possible while keeping the default UI present. Side note: I did miss one quest turn in, when I first arrived on the Isle of Quel'Danas, the turn in was at the NPC outside the Sun Well. He explains that he will not allow you admittance until it is proved the blade you are carrying is Quel'Delar. To do this, he asks you to seek the blades previous holder. At this point, the video shows this part of the quest. I also missed an attack by an NPC in Dalaran. After I dispatched the NPC in the sewers, I was exiting them and came under attack by an agent. He was quickly dealt with.

The Top 10 Idiots of World of Warcraft
There are many different kinds of WoW players. Some enjoy PvP, some enjoy PvE, some RP, but some... Well, let's just say they're idiots. These people are the lowest of the low, to the point that they become iconic laughing stocks for the entire WoW community. From the whores of Goldshire to the guild's local asshat, this is my top 10 list for the idiots in WoW. ______________________________ ►Can you think of another type of player that I forgot to include on the list? Feel free to leave a comment below, as they could've slipped my mind! ►This is my first ever Top 10 list for my channel, so I admit I'm a little nervous/excited to see what you all have to say. Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Would you want to see more? Let me know. If you did enjoy the video, I'll be sure to make more lists, but you all just need to keep me informed. Thanks everyone! ►Some footage used from Sabegaming. Go check out his Twitter! _______________________________ A Top 10 list by, Nixxiom. Normally I do machinima, so feel free to check out my other videos! Did you like the video? Why not subscribe! :) ►►►Follow me on Twitter: ►►►You can also follow me on Deviantart for Journal Updates, if I decide to do them:

FAIL - Quel'Delar quest chain - Step 10: The Halls of Reflection
Quel'Delar quest chain - Step 10: The Halls of Reflection Unfortunately there's no sword to see here.... No one knows really what's happening, according to Blizzard and certain other players, the game is functioning perfectly fine and i should try again (keeping my fingers crossed lol) Lil they know that this is my hmmm 25th - 30th try to get this step done and over with. I made this 4 min clip just for reference, of course i've done this part different ways: - With a PUG in random heroic - with a healer friend - solo Nothing works (3 days l8ter) EDIT: Turns out my "Carbonite" AddOn caused the trouble in this particular case and i had to re-install the game from scratch :( Just the repair doesn't cut it !!!

Halls of Reflection - Alliance
The third instance in the Frozen Halls cluster released with Patch 3.3 Forge of Souls - Pit of Saron - Horde Version - How To Get There -