Solo - Tempering The Blade quest in World of Warcraft.mp4

During the quest chain for Quel'Delar, you must go into the Forge of Souls and temper the blade. I used an invisibility potion to run past the first boss and then "got around" the last boss like this.

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Battered Hilt - Quel'Delar Quest Line Horde Side Complete
Here is a video showing all the quest interactions for the Battered Hilt quest line. Completed on a live server (Maelstrom, US), the quest spans several continents and major lore characters including an instanced version of the Sunwell and a special meeting with Uther in the Halls of Reflection. I try to present this in the most cinematic way possible while keeping the default UI present. Side note: I did miss one quest turn in, when I first arrived on the Isle of Quel'Danas, the turn in was at the NPC outside the Sun Well. He explains that he will not allow you admittance until it is proved the blade you are carrying is Quel'Delar. To do this, he asks you to seek the blades previous holder. At this point, the video shows this part of the quest. I also missed an attack by an NPC in Dalaran. After I dispatched the NPC in the sewers, I was exiting them and came under attack by an agent. He was quickly dealt with.

World of Warcraft Battered Hilt quest line - Alliance
This is the entire Battered Hilt quest line for Alliance with only the travel time sped up. The patch at time of recording was 6.1.2.

WoW Hunter Puntería 80 - PvP 3.3.5
MarksmanShip Hunter --- Macros --- /focus [@mouseover] Solo apuntarle con el cursor y darle al macro para que éste lo ponga en focus. Ideal para cuando haces 2v1 #showtooltip Disparo silenciador /stopcasting /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] Disparo silenciador /cast Disparo silenciador Pulsamos la tecla asignada, silencia al objetivo ------------- [ F ] si pulsamos Alt + tecla asignada, silencia al "focus" ------ [ Alt + F ] #showtooltip Disparo de Dispersión /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus] Disparo de dispersión /cast Disparo de dispersión /stopattack Similar para Disparo de conmoción, tranquilizante, mortal, etc #showtooltip Fingir Muerte /stopcasting /cast Fingir Muerte #showtooltip Disuasión /stopcasting /cancelaura Disuasión /cast Disuasión Si pulsamos una vez la tecla, lanza disuasión, si volvemos a pulsar, cancela disuasión. No siempre son necesarios 5 segundos de "Inmunidad". #showtooltip Disparo de quimera(Rango 1) /use 10 /cast Disparo de quimera(Rango 1) /cast Matar #showtooltip Rugido de sacrificio /target player /cast Rugido de sacrificio /targetlasttarget /petattack --- Add ons --- LoseControl OmniCC Afflicted

Battered Hilt Questline (Part III)
Battered Hilt Questline part III Part III quests... Reforging The Sword Tempering The Blade