Saab Performance Team September 08

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SAAB Performance Drive IV PVS Part-1
SAAB Performance Drive IV PVS Part-1

saab performance team - new 2007
saab performance team 2007 - with 4 cars

Throwback Thursday: Saab Performance Team
Motoring TV has hosted its fair share of cool car stuff over the last 29 years, but there's perhaps nothing cooler than what the Saab Performance Team brought to the table in 1996. With a handful of Saab 900 turbos at its disposal, the Saab Performance Team put on a synchronized driving display for the ages. And the best seat in the house was reserved for Motoring TV cameraman Dan Bailey, who put himself right in the thick of the action at Atlanta Motor Speedway 20 years ago. (This segment appeared on Episode 9 of Motoring 1998.) ***Watch full episodes of Motoring TV at***

Team SAAB Performance
Professional performance drivers, saab cars St. Mellby, Sweden