MRC tuned Audi S4 vs Porsche 911

MRC tuned Audi S4 vs Porsche 911 - with a crazy launch!

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Modified JJB Motors Audi S4 vs Modified MRC Audi S4
Modified JJB Motors Audi S4 vs Modified MRC Audi S4

1000HP+ Audi S4 B5 Anti-Lag Sound! Flames & Accelerations!
Last year I visited SCC500's event 'Rolling50 Deutsche Meisterschaft' on Black Forest Airport in Lahr, Germany. This event is all about dragracing. 1000m, a rolling start at 50km/h and insane cars! This Audi RS4 is one of them. You might recognize it from an elder video of mine, together with TTD-turbotechnik's S4, showing off their launch control. The Hannover Hardcore RS4 is basically an Audi S4 with RS4 engine, and complete RS4 exteriour. Ofcourse the engine is tuned. Thanks to bigger turbos this RS4 now has 1080 horsepower. Making the car powerful enough to compete against Alpha's Nissan GT-R Alpha 12 by Materialmordshop, 9ff's 997 Gturbo and 996 TR1000 and G.A.D's C63 AMG! All of these cars have 850+ HP. Isn't that insane? Yes it is. So stay tuned and subscribe to my channel, because there's a lot more coming from this amazing event! Liked the video? Click the 'like' button, comment, and subscribe! Follow me: Subscribe: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: