Skunk2 DOHC VTEC B18C1 straight pipe Integra Gsr

LOUD INTEGRA GSR FUN WITH ROYAL PURPLE OIL+FEW MODS qtp eletric cutout,hawk brake pads,powerslot rotors

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94 Integra GSR Loud Vtec in car
Just showing actual crossover point... 4400rpm In no way am i trying to go fast, this is just to show the vtec crossover

My New Straightpipe Sound
This is after my piping got fixed, so it is a bit louder than before and it has a cleaner sound to it.

Must See! Gasket blows up in Integra and the kid decides to change it on the spot!
Auto show in Erie, PA, looks like he changed a few of those in his lifetime lol. Feel free to like my facebook page to see the photos behind the videos.

Integra GSR powerslide/burnout