Skunk2 DOHC VTEC B18C1 straight pipe Integra Gsr

LOUD INTEGRA GSR FUN WITH ROYAL PURPLE OIL+FEW MODS qtp eletric cutout,hawk brake pads,powerslot rotors

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My New Straightpipe Sound
This is after my piping got fixed, so it is a bit louder than before and it has a cleaner sound to it.

2000 Civic Revving With Cat Back Straight Pipe Exhaust (B18C Engine)
This is a 2000 Honda Civic with a straight pipe Exhaust from the cat back. I filmed it revving for you. The Exhaust was REALLY loud, and the video doesn't even do it justice. I must say that the Civic had a B18C engine in it from a GSR, so that also caused it to be really loud. The straight pipe Exhaust on this Civic should be put on any car that wants to truly unlock some horsepower and make a TON of noise.

Civic B16 Nitrous runs 0-110mph
If you want to watch car in 1/4 mile 13.28 link here: My second pull I shifted too early because I was focused on the camera that was moving around. Bottle was close to empty so it had low pressure. Thanks for watching and enjoy.

95 integra typeR VTEC sound
this is my Honda. 95 Honda integra Si VTEC. typeR engine swap. VTEC sound is so Hot!! thank you for coming!!