Skunk2 DOHC VTEC B18C1 straight pipe Integra Gsr

LOUD INTEGRA GSR FUN WITH ROYAL PURPLE OIL+FEW MODS qtp eletric cutout,hawk brake pads,powerslot rotors

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2001 Acura Integra Gsr hitting vtec
Ctr cams P28 itr chipped ecu Dc sport Header Apexi Exhaust Aem intake Lowered on springs

Integra GSR straight pipe muffler delete LOUD VTEC CROSSOVER ~ 2 STEP
1994 Acura integra GSR, cut off the muffler and bolted on a turn down. Stock Exhaust manifold and cat. This setup has since been replaced with a legitimate Apexi WS2 exaust, however the muffler delete was fun while it lasted. The blox LCA's are long gone as well, no more blue gold and rust theme underneath haha Car is tuned on a chip

Power of VTEC: 9000 RPM + TURBO
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Integra GSR powerslide/burnout