The Silver Pinzgauer (Pos Kuala Mu, Perak, MALAYSIA)

The owner of the silver Pinzgauer drove slowly through the muddy road at the Pos Kuala Mu, Perak.

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Pinzgauer XPDC Aidil Fitri 2011 d Kg Bersah Pos Kuala Mu Sg Siput Perak Malaysia

Pinzgauer XPDC Cengal Terbesar 2010 Terengganu Malaysia
cross elephant mud hole

Banana Pinzgauer (Pos Kuala Mu, Perak)
This yellow banana Pinzgauer went to Pos Kuala Mu - one of the hardest offroad trail in Malaysia - and push it to the limits. And this mighty offroader belongs to Azmarul Azman from Perlis, Malaysia.