Cammed Mustang GT 1-2 shift

1-2 shift. Notice the 3 cranks to start it. It's cute. Mod list: Crower stage 2 blower cams C&L plenum BBK 75mm throttle body BBK cold air kit Steeda pulleys Flowmaster 2 chamber mufflers O/R H-pipe 4:10 rear end gears Aluminum drive shaft Dyno tune by Performance Dyno

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2002 Mustang GT 0-100
2002 Mustang GT 0-100mph. 4.6 V8. Automatic. Only mods are Cold Air Intake, Exhaust, Shift Kit.

1996 mustang gt exhaust
my 1996 Mustang gt Exhaust. bbk offroad x pipe with dual flowmaster 1 chamber mufflers (10 series)

cammed Mustang GT startup and rev
was moving my car to wash it, and figured i'd show what FRPP cams sound like. The car has the following parts: FRPP cams BBK long tube headers BBK o/r x pipe Borla Stingers JLT CAI FRPP 4.10 gears SCT 93 oct bama tune hurst comp+ shifter various cosmetic parts.

2000 Mustang GT Cammed/Procharged vs. GT500 stock