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Wheeler Dealers Lotus Esprit with full intro


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Ported Lotus Head | Wheeler Dealers
Mike heads off to see some specialists about his Lotus engine's head. | For more Wheeler Dealers, visit http://velocity.discovery.com/videos/wheeler-dealers/...

Wheeler Dealers Lotus Elan S09E05
All rights belong to discovery & does not feature in having the full length showing of program.

Richard Hammond Test Drives A Used Lotus Esprit Supercar
Richard Hammond explores a supercar showroom seeing what he can get with £14000, as he takes the customised Lotus Esprit supercar for a spin.

The Interior Never Ends | Wheeler Dealers: Top Ten Edd-aches
You'd think taking out an interior would be an easy job for Edd, but as he finds everything is connected to something else on this Lotus. | For more Wheeler ...

Wheeler Dealers - Lotus Esprit 04
A useful look at how to service an aging engine.

#2 Lotus Esprit: Top 5 Performance Cars - Wheeler Dealers
Every weekday we count down our top 5 cars and this week it's the turn of the Performance Cars. In at number 2... Mike buys a Lotus Esprit for £3600. Ed get...

Wheeler Dealers - Lotus Esprit 03
Edd shows us how to take the engine out of the Lotus to give it a full service.

Wheeler Dealers - Lotus Esprit 01
James Bond's car/submarine was a thing of beauty, but how cheap can you get a Lotus Esprit for these days?

Wheeler Dealers - Lotus Esprit 02
It may be a classic but this Lotus needs more than a little work done on it. Wheeler Dealers on the Road - premiering tonight at 9pm on Discovery Real Time (...

Wheeler Dealers S05E02 Lotus Esprit S3
Wheeler Dealers Wheeler Dealers Wheeler Dealers Wheeler Dealers Seasons 5-6-7-9-10 Wheeler Dealers Seasons 5-6-7-9-10 Wheeler Dealers Seasons 5-6-7-9-10.

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1998 Lotus Esprit gt3: 12.900 @ 112.000

1997 Lotus Esprit V8: 13.140 @ 108.950
Mr. J, Engine: stock 3.5L 350-horse V8, Turbos: twin turbos Tires: 285/35ZR-18 (rear)

1990 Lotus Esprit SE: 13.185 @ 110.020
Ron Earp, Engine: 2.2L Turbo, Turbos: Stock Tires: 255/50


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