1969 datsun 2000 tries for air

car is for sale--brainerds@comcast.net for details

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Beautiful 1973 Triumph TR6 for sale at Bugeyeguy
This video is about TR6

Will's Datsun Roadster Thunderhill
Will's Datsun 2000 Roadster on the front straight at Thunderhill 2006

For Sale 5-Speed Swapped 1971 Datsun 510
http://www.ebay.com/itm/331500494891?item=331500494891&pt=US_Cars_Trucks&rm vSB=true1971 Datsun 510 Coupe 2dr Minimal rust - AZ CAR SINCE DAY1 - DESERT SURVIVOR - (has) factory AC (some stuff missing) THIS CAR RUNS AND DRIVES BUT IT NEEDS some restoration to make it a driver. It sat next to a house since 1986 in the dry Az desert . 1 of the HOTTEST JAPANESE CARS BEING RESTORED ON THE MARKET RIGHT NOW first I want to say, this is possibly the most rust free Datsun 510 up for sale . and right now, the 510s are one of the hottest Imports on the list of cars to restore / resto mod and own. Paperwork comes with the car showing which shows it originally sold in AZ even had the original warranty card and paperwork loan from AZ bank. It was driven and used here in Tucson and Benson Az its whole life and has been parked since the mid 80s. The car comes with a few file folders of paperwork from the previous owner. The last owner used it in some SCCA stuff once a month and then when the starter died in the mid 80s, it was parked. The paint did get faded but the body of the car is in amazing shape. Because the car still retained its original rubber floormats, moisture did get trapped under the front mats, and after many yrs of this the pass side floor rotted away, and the driver side got some rust too. Thats pretty much the only rust on the car that needs repair. 2 front floorboards. I believe the AC was factory but if not, it was dealer installed in 71 when the car was new. Odometer shows 13xxxx miles on it, but chances are is has rolled over at least once., BUT KEEP in mind, this car was only driven mostly for SCCA weekend stuff between 71 and 86, so maybe it is original miles. Its not been on the road since 1986. DRIVETRAIN: under the hood is the original matching #s motor 1.6 4 cyl , at one time I think the car had had a dogleg 5 spd installed. The car sat for almost 30 yrs, but with very little work we got it up and running off a small can of gas under the hood. It still needs a brake master, new hoses, and some misc stuff under the hood to make it a driver. But Ive driven the car around our parking lot and it sounds and runs well for as old as it is too and been dormant For so long. Plan on doing tires, thermostat housing and normal maintenance stuff to make it a daily. E brake works. We temp have it hot wired from the coil to the battery because I didnt have time to find out why the ignition switch wasnt sending power there. But it does start and shut off with the factory keys right now. INTERIOR: this is where AZ heat etc did most of the damage. The interior is baked and its going to need just about everything. The good thing is most of the core stuff is there and usable. Even the factory AC stuff under the dash looks complete. No matter how you decide to restore this car, the interior will need to be gutted and redone. All the glass is good and windows roll up and down. Ignition key works funny but it works for now. Exterior: yep, thats still factory paint on the car. And for its age its in really nice shape. Even the chrome on the bumpers and how straight the bumpers are is really amazing. Az cars are like time capsules :) It has a few dents and stuff on the car, but honestly, Id get the mechanics done first, and interior and drive it just the way it is... A SURVIVOR !! THEY ARE ONLY ORIGINAL ONCE !!! SUSPENSION: the suspension has been modded for SCCA stuff, steering feels tight like it should. KONI s on the rear, possibly on the front too. ADDED on rear sway bar.. Libra 13" wheels, and lowering springs. These are BLUE and I dont recall the company who sold them back in the 80s But they dropped the car about 1.5" Even as aged as it is, the car still handles great driving it around the parking lot. Its like a little go kart ! Handles great, like these cars where meant too. Tires are dry and old. This car is 90% rust free Arizona car

311 Roadster Brake Kit Install
This is an older vid so the quality is not great. I took this during the installation of the prototype 311 disc brake kit for the Datsun Roadsters. Since I don't have a more current or specific install vid, I figured I'd put this up. For the Roadster guys who watch this, sorry, it will not fit the SPL310. I'll put up another vid showing wheel fitment. Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/bluehandsvideo Check out our products! http://www.bluehandsinc.com Behind-the-scenes look at what we do! http://www.bluehandsvideo.com