Road Atlanta 2 08 14 First Stint Chump Car

Team Ponticrap Fiero 2/08/14 Road Atlanta Chump car 14 hour enduro This is the first stint of the race driven by Daniel Wendel. Car was very loose under braking and over the curbs.

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chumpcar road atlanta start

Road Atlanta 2014 Chumpcar GT30

Chumpcar - Battle @ Daytona - Miata vs BMW :)
First time racing @ Daytona and first time driving the No mo money racing stock 1991 Miata (1.6L). Had a great battle with #330 BMW. We went back and forth for quite a while, clean and proper racing! horsepower vs handling! He would get me on the banks, i would get it back on infield! :) Also set the fastest time for the team with a 2:30.8. No mo money racing is a great team and a big thanks for the drive and opportunity!!! :)

ChumpCar World Series 2014 - Road Atlanta "Something just broke in the rear!"
Gene Bird driving the Racing Strong Motorsports Toyota MR2 GTv6 when the left rear axle parts ways with the hub.