1988 Ford Ranger with a Winsor 5.0 302

this is my ford ranger i put a 302 out of a crown victoria about a year ago and its still under construction im planin on doin some body work to it and i just bought a t5 transmission to replace the AOD with but i plan on gettin a after market intake and 4 barrle carb

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5.0 Ranger Build
Quick video of some pictures i had laying around on the computer

1999 Ranger 5.0 V8 302
just put a holley 600 vac. sec. carb on and messing around with it. it has 2 1/4" true dual Exhaust that looks ruff. going to replace with 2 1/2" out sides!

302 ranger
302 ranger

Ford ranger 302 project more videos coming soon
I'm putting a 302 or 5.0 from an 84 Mustang (now in the red ranger) in my (blue) ranger. I bought the red ranger because the guy who owned it started the project and never finished it. Saves me time looking for parts. And its cheaper. I'll be making videos of pulling the 302, pulling the 2.9, putting the 302 in the blue truck and possibly tearing down the 2.9. It's really worn out.