S-10 Drag Truck

S-10 Drag Truck

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S-10 Drag Truck
This is a 9-second S-10 Visit us at Hendersonracing.com or abbatechnology.com to have your car in a video

Banks S-10 sets NADM record: Famoso
Three runs, including 8.06, 162.66 NADM world record, at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield on February 23, 2008. (Update: We ran 7.77 sec @ 180 mph on March 7,2009 at the NHRDA Nationals.)

s10 drag racing runs 7's
taking truck to the track runs 7.07 @97 1.60 60ft

V8 s10 drag truck build up.
V8 s10 build up.