Jaguar XJR-15 Drive to Silverstone Race Track

Jaguar XJR-15 Supercar driving up to the Jagaur Classic races at Silverstone

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Ferrari F40 vs Ferrari F40 GT vs Jaguar Jaguar XJR-15 vs Porsche RUF THR vs Honda NSX vs Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI vs Dodge Viper

In 1991, 16 wealthy privateers entered their £500,000 Jaguar XJR-15s in a 3 race F1-support series called the Jaguar Intercontinental Challenge. Find original press material about these cars here:!xjr15-articles/c110y With a $1M 'winner takes all' prize, driving was highly competitive and the series was a highlight of the F1 calendar. Most of the drivers were professionals (Warwick, Brabham, Euser, Wolleck, Needell, Fangio, Hahne etc) but Matt Aitken, the music producer, was also an owner-driver. This footage, commentated by Murray Walker, is highlights from Monaco.

Top Gear 1991 - Tiff tests the Jaguar XJR15
Taken from Top Gear 1991 EP 10. Tiff tests the new Jaguar XJR15 at the new revamped Silverstone circuit. Great onboard footage as Tiff goes for it on the last lap!

Jaguar XJR15 [HD] LOUD REVS + EPIC acceleration sound
An ultra rare car, 1/50 ever built and the only black one. Turn up your speakers as he accelerates, the sound is INSANE!!! LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: