Mach 3 CNC lathe turning an Egg Shape In 6061 Aluminum

Turning an egg shape in some 6061 Aluminum using a Mach3 controlled lathe. The lathe is a converted Grizzly G4003 Lathe powered by Gecko Drives. I am Using a Groove/Turn Tool. The cutting is being done at a speed of 1000RPM, .035" D.O.C and at 5 IPM Wow 100K views and rising. Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added Oct 6th 2012. Thanks to all for the comments...both good and bad. Since there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about the tool I am using I wanted to link to a couple videos that show people way smarter that me using a groove/turn used in a pretty similar way. This is a video from Iscar. Here is another but you need to skip to about 2:45 to see the groove turn tool in action. Thanks again for all of the interest! Link to another video with the same tool.

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Machining a Part
Multi-stage, time-lapsed manual machining of a part, using a Sieg C4 lathe and Sieg Super X3 mill. The material is brass. The background music is "Days of the Departed" by Jan Morgenstern.

Perfect product manufactured on CNC lathe - CNC technology
- Perfect product manufactured on CNC lathe - CNC technology - CNC lathe machnine: The advent of the CNC lathe (or more properly, CNC turning center) has blurred these distinct levels of production to some extent. The CNC turning center most appropriately fits in the mid-range of production, replacing the turret lathe. However, it is often possible to produce a single component with a CNC turning center more quickly than can be done with an engine lathe. To some extent too, the CNC turning center has stepped into the region traditionally occupied by the (mechanical) screw machine. CNC screw machines do this to an even greater degree, but they are expensive. In some cases they are vital, yet in others a mechanical machine can match or beat overall performance and profitability. It is not unusual for cam-op automatic lathes to beat CNCs on cycle time. CNC offers many benefits, not least CAD/CAM integration, but the CNC itself usually does not give any inherent speed advantage within the context of an automatic lathe cycle in terms of speeds and feeds or tool-changing speed.

Technoerotic ¦¦ HYPNOTIC Video Inside ¦¦ CNC Technology Numerical control
Technoerotic ¦¦ HYPNOTIC Video Inside ¦¦ CNC Technology Numerical control Numerical control (CNC short;... English computer numerical control, short CNC) - a computerized management system, which manages process equipment drives, including machine tool accessories. CNC equipment can be provided: machinery equipment, such as machine tools (machines equipped with numerical control, known as CNC machines) for the processing of metals (such as milling or turning), wood, plastic materials; drives induction motors using vector control; characteristic of the control system of modern industrial robots; Peripheral devices, such as: 3D-printer, 3D-scanner. SUBSCRIBE to FAIL DASK:

(1/2) Making a Machinists Hammer - Handle and Head - from aluminum on the mini lathe
This video is the first part of making of a machinists hammer with replaceable brass and acetal polymer faces on the MINI LATHE. Specifically it is the making of the aluminum handle and aluminum head piece. (MUCH) More information below! Please like and subscribe if this was helpful! Competition playlist and the rules. arfE/edit?usp=sharing Stuff from this video: Knurling Tool: Acetal: Lathe: Stuff on the lathe: Quick Change Tool Holder: Tailstock Drill Chuck: Live Center: Lathe tools: Boring Bar: Carbide Tools: Parting Tool: Center Bits: Drill Bits: Other stuff: Cutting oil: Mini Lathe troubleshooting guide: Controller board wiring configuration: The real version of the motor controller: Datasheet for the KBIC-120: Super nice guy who repairs the controller boards: Music: