Mach 3 CNC lathe turning an Egg Shape In 6061 Aluminum

Turning an egg shape in some 6061 Aluminum using a Mach3 controlled lathe. The lathe is a converted Grizzly G4003 Lathe powered by Gecko Drives. I am Using a Groove/Turn Tool. The cutting is being done at a speed of 1000RPM, .035" D.O.C and at 5 IPM Wow 100K views and rising. Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added Oct 6th 2012. Thanks to all for the comments...both good and bad. Since there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about the tool I am using I wanted to link to a couple videos that show people way smarter that me using a groove/turn used in a pretty similar way. This is a video from Iscar. Here is another but you need to skip to about 2:45 to see the groove turn tool in action. Thanks again for all of the interest! Link to another video with the same tool.

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Custom Cylinder Build Continued
This is the continuation of the cylinder build that I shown in SNS 19. Here I machine the bronze rod eye. You will see some lathe and mill work, as well as some boring in the Kearns horizontal boring mill. There will be at least one or two more videos to follow up on this job. Hope you enjoy! Adam

Large Lathe Work
This video was created from some of the first video I took using my GoPro camera. At the time I did very little talking, as you will see in the video. Instead, I used text to tell about the maching steps I was taking during the job. This was a large 4-stage telescopic cylinder that I work on once in a while. I have to remove the blind end in order to remove all of the tubes to complete a full rebuild of the cylinder. These videos were mainly focused on the machining and removal of the blind end and corresponding stop tubes for each tube. I did try and film the testing process but the camera was acting up and I didnt get it all. But I hope you enjoy anyways. This is a little of what I do on the daily basis, and working with large workpieces is common for me. The lathe is an American Pacemaker 20x192.

Engranaje Helicoidal Doble
Engranajes Havlik conocido en Canadá como un fabricante líder y proveedor de engranajes helicoidales dobles. Los engranajes dobles helicoidales, también conocido como engranajes de espina de pescado, se utiliza para superar el problema del empuje axial del engranaje 'single' helicoidal. Esto se logra por la forma de la "V", dos secciones de los dientes que operan simultáneamente. Disponible en una forma cilíndrica, nuestra empresa ha estado en el negocio de la fabricación de engranajes de doble hélice por muchas décadas.

The Power of Friction