Volvo 740 turbo Drag Races

had a rough night at the track, between the trans not being able to do a w0t shift due to to low of a rev limiter and the not being able to launch the car without massive wheel spin makes for a slow night in 100+ deg weather. but hey the 300+ hp cars were only doing high 14's tonight so i did ok

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Volvo 740 Turbo
7.37@172km/h 1.89 60ft Bästa tid 201m denna säsong

Volvo 740 Turbo vs Subaru WRX Stage 2
89 Volvo 740 turbo. First run stock vtech. 5 Series, Exhaust, electric fan, cdv delete. 1g talon, Exhaust 16g and supporting mods. Subaru wrx, stage 2 w/ supporting mods. Volvo has a holset he 341/ hx35 only running 12 psi for now.

Volvo 142 Turbo 9.42-238km/h
Me running 9.42-238km/h at Sundsvall Raceway 2007

Poik's Volvo 744 Turbo drag race 13.957 @ 101.16
Took my car to the track but only got one pass because the second pass I broke an axle on launch. This was at 15-16psi of Boost and just a quick little burnout to clean the tires off. After this run I turned the Boost up to ~20psi and did a better burnout. I was really hoping for a deep 13, so maybe next year I'll bring spare axles to the track... Overall I'm satisfied with the performance for this Boost level, but I really would have liked to have a clean pass at 20psi!