SummerNats 26 - Silly - Steering Issues - No tow

After finishing his burnout, he hopped back in to find the steering wasn't working This legend would not accept a tow, kept trying to steer to no avail. in the end he rolled the car, jumped out and turned the wheels himself until he crossed the line

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Burnout Masters Top 10 at Summernats
Here's a countdown of the Top 10 Burnout Masters at Summernats: 10th: STRUGLIN - Justen Brown 9th: LYNCHY - Andrew Lynch 8th: WAZ-308 - Warren Eustace 7th: CUTSIK - Craig Whiddett 6th: GMHAZD - Mick Cleary 5th: 1 TUF HG - Warren Gersekowski 4th: IBLOWN - Andrew Pool 3rd: LSONE - Rick Fuller 2nd: FEAR - Fred Watson 1st: BLWNLUX - Brett Battersby

Crazy guy does burnout in front of cops on his GSXR1000 STREET BIKE. It's like a cops vs. bike video except he's chasing the cops We are an automotive YouTube Channel and brand based out Nashville TN. We do all things automotive and strive to create the most unique and engaging content for our followers. *******Thanks to Full Octane Garage for the clip from the street of the same burnout.******** Their channel is: 2.7 Million views! WOW THANKS GUYS. If only it could get that many here... who knows! My buddy was on his GSXR 1000 street bike and decides to rip a huge burnout leaving the cars and coffee car show here in Nashville. We filmed from our Corvette Z06 and tried to leave him some good distance, but also keep up too. He did it literally seconds after a cop car passes by. He has an extended swing arm on his street bike and is notorious for ripping some mean burnouts leaving car shows. Song is Vibe with Me by Joakim Karud Something New now on Spotify & iTunes: Almost Original (feat Kasey Andre) out on Spotify & Contact: Music by Joakim Karud The "Oh my God" is from the He needs some Milk video.

Summernats 26 Cowboys From Hell
Just some footage i took at Summernats 26 with Pantera Cowboys From Hell backing... Made this cause i am not allowed to use power tools at 1:00AM... If you haven't already got Cowboys from Hell... I suggest you get it... I personally don't understand why you don't....

Burnout Masters Top 10 at Summernats 29
Here's a countdown of the Top 10 Burnout Masters at Summernats: 1st: IBLOWN - Andrew Pool 2nd: BLWNLUX - Brett Battersby 3rd: SICKO - Jake Myers 4th: ATRISK - Peter Grmusa 5th: HOLDON - Ryan Pearson 6th: UCSMOKE - Steven Loader 7th: TUFFST - Phil Kerjean 8th: SKIDMA - Adrian Cuthbertson 9th: FEAR - Fred Watson 10th: 1TUFHG - Warren Gersekowski