SummerNats 26 - Silly - Steering Issues - No tow

After finishing his burnout, he hopped back in to find the steering wasn't working This legend would not accept a tow, kept trying to steer to no avail. in the end he rolled the car, jumped out and turned the wheels himself until he crossed the line

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Burnout Masters Top 10 at Summernats
Here's a countdown of the Top 10 Burnout Masters at Summernats: 10th: STRUGLIN - Justen Brown 9th: LYNCHY - Andrew Lynch 8th: WAZ-308 - Warren Eustace 7th: CUTSIK - Craig Whiddett 6th: GMHAZD - Mick Cleary 5th: 1 TUF HG - Warren Gersekowski 4th: IBLOWN - Andrew Pool 3rd: LSONE - Rick Fuller 2nd: FEAR - Fred Watson 1st: BLWNLUX - Brett Battersby

Farmtruck and AZN's Big Summernats Day Out - Burnout rides, cruising and more.
Farmtruck and AZN are in town for Summernats 30 to meet the fans, check out the car scene and have some fun. They got to do a whole bunch of that on day one, and there is three days left to go!

Summernats 26 CUTSIK Burnout Masters Qualifier
CUTSIK Summernats 26 burnout masters qualifier

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