How to Install an RC Supercharger from RB Innovations

In this video, we take you step by step through an installation of a Nitro Supercharger on a Traxxas 3.3 engine, but the instructions can also be applied to any other engine. Buy it here: Available at Innovations

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How RC Nitro Superchargers Work
Bob breaks down exactly how the nitro super-chargers work as well answers the most common questions asked about the product. Buy it here: Like and Subscribe! For more information, email us at

Traxxas Tmaxx 3.3 with blower (OK SUPERCHARGER)
Setting the idle speed

Dyno Test of the 1/5th Scale Supercharger by RB Innovations
In this video, we test our 1/5th Scale Supercharger with our inertia Dyno to see the percent difference in horsepower that the Supercharger has to offer. Buy it here:

Nitro Engine Running on WD-40
Don't Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE Check out my lathe and camera equipment!: Running my rc nitro engine (Kyosho gx12) on 50%, 75& and 100% WD-40. Support my videos!: Subscribe to my channel! Follow me on Google+ osts Follow me on Twitter!