Datsun 1200 4AGe turbo power, leaving nice black lines of the line...

This run also got my dad banned from the Street to Strip events. It's an unofficial competition where you're not allowed to run faster than 13 seconds. This run was 12.9 on 14" street tyres...

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The fastest 4AGE powered drag car in the World | El Duppie
Behold the worlds fastest 4AGE powered drag car, Mr. Pistonator SA aka "El Duppie" show cases his insane 1972 Datsun GX Coupe Subscribe to #SpeedandSound on your favorite device and save Read more in the latest magazine out now on shelves or download it on your favourite platform by clicking the link below #Apple device #Android device

World fastest 4age ? 8.63/250
1600cc engine, HiLux rear axle, Megasquirt EMS

1800cc Toyota 4age Turbo powered Datsun 1200 GX Coupe' runs a 10,2 sec quarter mile

11.92 second Datsun 1200 with A14 turbo
Datsun 1200 Coupé with turbo A14 motor doing 11.92 seconds at 176km/h in Finland.