AWD 2G DSM World Record 8.62@168mph Boostin Performance's "Red Demon" DevinTuned

This pass makes the Red Demon the Quickest AWD 2g DSM ever with a 8.62 @ 168mph with a 1.39 60ft time. This is Devin's 1996 2G Talon, it is also the Boostin Performance shop drag car. Its powered by a BP built high compression 2.0L. It has a Forced Performance 3794 turbocharger (37r), and burns E85 fuel thanks to a Spark Tech ignition system. It is tuned on a AEM EMS (DevinTuned), and all the power makes it to the ground though a ShepTrans dogbox transmission. Boostin Performance 2116 Stonington Ave Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 (847) 781-1600 Find us on EvoM, TrueEvo, WiDSM, ChitownDSM, and Facebook!!

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Red Demon's First Time Out On New Set Up for 2016 - 192MPH
We're very excited to show our results after the first weekend out with the Red Demon on the new Haltech Elite 2500. The new ECU, along with the PTE 8685 turbo, are definitely showing some muscles as we have a new personal best MPH of 192!! We are gradually getting the Red Demon dialed in and chipping away at the ET. This weekend we went 8.81, 8.58, 8.46, 8.37, 8.17,8.13, and 8.04. With a lot of room left in her, look for more updates out of this lil 4 cylinder. Thank you to all of our sponsors, friends, and fans for all your continued support! ShepTrans Magnus Motorsports Spark Tech Precision turbo & Engine Haltech Driveshaft Shop Straightline Performance Kiggly Racing Extreme turbo Systems Quarter Master AngryAero Orlando Speed World Dragway

Delis' 1000+ WHP 2G - Boostin Performance Built and Tuned
We would like to welcome Delis into the Boostin Performance 1000 WHP Club... 1037 WHP to be exact! Mods; -Red Demon Spec Aluminum Rod Short Block -Red Demon Spec 1/2" Head Studs and Head Gasket -Boostin Stage 3 Cylinder Head -Boostin 300m T-case Upgrade -Driveshaft Shop HD Aluminum Driveshaft -Precision turbo & Engine Gen 1 7675 turbocharger -Magnus Motorsports V3 Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold w/ 2 sets of ID 1700's -AEM EMS Boostin Tuned on 93 Octane and VP Import Song: Rain (feat. Sara Kay) - Klaypex

Red Demon - NEW ET PB - 8.0 @ 182MPH - Boostin Performance
Over the weekend, Devin took the Red Demon to Byron Dragway and captured a new personal best ET - 8.05 @ 182MPH! The Red Demon was consistent all day making 5 passes between 8.0-8.1, and all of these passes were over 180mph. Devin also reset the Byron Dragway 4 Cylinder Track Record with this 8.0 pass! Gotta love Devin's reaction/response at the end of this video, when he learns that he just went an 8.0 by another racer. :) We apologize for the language at the end, but I'm sure you all can appreciate and understand the excitement. Thanks to our sponsors/supporters - Angry Aero Extreme turbo Systems Fuel Injector Clinic Magnus Motorsports Precision turbo & Engine Shark-Fab Spark Tech Shep Trans Boostin Performance 2116 Stonington Ave Hoffman Estates IL 60169 847-781-1600 **Find us on Facebook, Twitter, DSMTuners, ChiTownDSM, WiDSM, EvoM, GTRLife, and NASIOC!**

Red Demon - Boostin Performance - 8.18 @ 176mph - 1.2 60ft - Quickest & Fastest AWD 2G DSM
Here's video of Devin's NEW personal best that was achieved 9-13-2013 at Great Lakes Dragway in Union Grove, WI. Check out the time slip posted on our Facebook wall - 95.21587.115529075189001&type=1&theater The clocks are off due to the event King of the Streets (KOTS) which was the following night. KOTS is a clocks off street racing type of event. This pass was done with Forced Performance's new Super 99 turbocharger. Boostin Performance 2116 Stonington Ave Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 (847) 781-1600 Find us on EvoM, TrueEvo, WiDSM, ChitownDSM, and Facebook!!