Strange Squealing, Knocking, and Ticking

Replaced head gasket, timing belt, and water pump about 3 months ago. I also switched to synthetic oil around the same time. I've been having a ticking sound for a little bit now, but as of recently I've been getting this squeaking, squealing noise and the knocking as well. I'm thinking valves. Anyone have any ideas? Using 5w-30 Synthetic

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Prelude H22A5 new timing belt noise
Again I have a noise coming from my timing belt. Just had it changed and its making a kind of "whooping" noise which doesn't sound great. I'm wondering if perhaps it's too tight?

Prelude Engine Noise
Sound of H22 Prelude for

H22A startup
H22A Start

4th gen ticking noise
1992 prelude with a 2001 motor making a clicking noise