How to Rebuild the Clutch of RC Nitro Engine This is another video for RedCat Racing Arizona USA n in the tutorial series for RC Nitro Vehicles. In this video I have shown how to rebuild the whole clutch on a 2 stroke nitro engine using VX.18 Engine of RedCat Racings Volcano SV 1/10 Scale 4WD RC Nitro Truck.

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How to replace 3 Piece Clutch Shoes
In this video tutorial you will see how to replace 3 Piece clutch shoes using clutch shoe tool. Comments and feedback welcome at . Don't forget to check , , and Cheers

Squirrel's how to install a nitro engine clutch bell
How to install a clutch bell the right way. For more pics visit

DIY Replacing a Nitro RC Clutch
Get a Rc Nitro clutch here in this short video the clutch pack in my nitro blew after running about 3 tanks for fuel through it. Replacing a clutch is really quite simple and this process is the same for pretty much all nitro cars. replacing a clutch will take about 1/2 or so and it's not a very hard job at all. almost all clutches have replaceable shoes that you can change out however i found it was almost cheaper just to replace the clutch by getting a new flywheel and shoes. the most important part of installing a clutch is that you want it shimmed properly so the bell doesn't drag. you want to be able to place your rc on the ground and push it forward and not have it trying to engage the motor.

Nitro RC Nerds Clutch Tuning 201 Part 2: FAQ
Part 1 If any of you know JamRacer1 and 'GirlyPants' (geez) from HPISavage forum, please let them know about this series as I'd like to finish our discussion. Or simply paste this in to a thread on there for others to know. I've had ~10-15 people from that forum reach out and say 'Thank You', so I'm amped up right now knowing that this has helped some folks who are open to all options.