srt-4 vs evo

s256 srt -4 20 pounds vs stock turbo evo

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Ruthless. 370 awhp evo ix & s256 big turbo srt 4
Ruthless. Video showcasing Brian's SRT and Danny's Evo. Small pull at the end showing off Danny's fresh new tune. Evo was just Dyno tuned at 370 awhp and the SRT is running an AGP BW S256 turbo but Boost is down at 17 psi, stock clutch = fail. Stay tuned, more Ruthless. videos to come.

SRT-4 vs Evo VIII
Me at atlanta motor speedway, Practicing against a evo 8.

Stage 3 SRT-4 vs Evo
No Fly Zone Arizona

SRT-4 vs 240sx vs Evo 9
Delta 46 SRT-4 vs SR20 240sx Delta 46 SRT-4 vs Bolt on Evo 9