2005 Acura Rsx-s 0-60 ( Completely Stock Engine )

I have t3/t4 turbo for sale for 02-06 rsx both type-s and non type-s..it's new..I'm broke and need money..I live in Bakersfield area..if you are interesting please leave me private message..

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RSX Stock Exhaust vs. Greddy Ti-C Exhaust
Video of my base RSX before and after (Stock vs Greddy Ti-C) catback Exhaust. The only other performance mod is a Fujita SRI.

07 civic si vs 06 rsx type s
07 civic si: Custom CAI, Kid racing header, LSD catback + 160lb passenger 06 rsx-s: INJEN intake, Kid racing headers, T1R Exhaust, + major weight reduction

02 Acura RSX Type S top speed VTEC all the way
02 Acura RSX TypeS with Injen cold air and Greddy EVO Exhaust reach a top speed of about 145mph on a 3 mile straight road before the turn at the end of the road.

2004 Acura Rsx Type-S 0-60
Didn't launch it. Probably would have shaved all little off the time. I got 7 secs. Only mods are a muffle and a temporary ghetto intake I made from the expandable hoses you can buy to direct airflow