Fat Man Fabrications TV commercial

Television commercial for Fat Man Fabrications - 2008

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Mustang II Front End Suspension Install
Step by step instructions on how to install Ridetech Mustang II controls arms onto an original or aftermarket Mustang II crossmember. For more information go to http://www.ridetech.com

Part 1 - The best Chassis and Suspensions explained by Brent Vandervort
The best Chassis and Suspension for your vehicle is possible, but it will take ingenuity and time. To do this properly it also takes the know how to correctly stage your Chassis and Suspension for ride quality. With the help of Brent Vandervort of Fatman Fabrications you could be on your way to one of the best & safest Chassis and Suspensions in your area. Brent took some time at the HRIA Training Day at the 2014 Autorama show in Detroit to hold a Seminar teaching people like you how to accomplish the correct Chassis and Suspension for your ride. This is a no sales video and at the 1st part of the video Brent stands at the podium and is very direct about it. For him, he wanted use this time to take on a straightforward technical approach. Brent digs right in and answers questions you have ever asked or wondered about your own car. He explains principles about why your car feels like its being pushed or pulled while being passed by a semi, his experiences with some of the greats in the NASCAR industry and how those experiences have brought Fatman as one of the top industry leading manufacturers of Chassis and Suspension parts in the United States. You will also learn some of the methods that he thought were actually correct about the proper Chassis and Suspension installation, and how he then recounts why those methods didn't work for his needs. The technical explanation to these key Chassis and Suspension questions is how Fatman continues to grow as a robust Chassis and Suspension manufacturer for a multitude of hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, customs and trucks. Brent doesn't have to try and sell you something, but instead educates you. You will learn exactly what is needed and how it's needed for your own Chassis, Suspension or Braking project to achieve that proper ride quality. If you've watched these videos and you've learned something of how you can improve your own cars Chassis and Suspension problems than Bent has done his job. Have any further Chassis and Suspension questions? Give the knowledgeable Technical Team at Fatman Fabrications a call (704) 545-0369 or visit our website today www.fatmanfab.com

Fatman Fabrications
A tour of one of the country's finest hot rod shops

Jimenez Bros Customs / How to installl 2 link / suspension PART 2
This is our 2 link kit we make for 1947-59 Chevy trucks.. we also carry Ford and Merc kits . For more info call 951 784-4772. http://www.jimenezbroscustoms.net Selling , Classic Performance Products, ACCUAIR, Fat Man Fabrications, And many more.