Fat Man Fabrications TV commercial

Television commercial for Fat Man Fabrications - 2008

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Fatman Fabrications
A tour of one of the country's finest hot rod shops

Fatman Fabrications Tri Five (1955, 1956 & 1957) Chevy Custom Chassis
What's the Fatman Difference? The best way to show you the importance of a No Torque twist Chassis is to use a shoe box. With some of the other Complete Tri-Five Custom Chassis out there we knew we needed to build a Custom 1955, 1956 and 1957 Chevy Fram to withstand the driving habits and huge engines! That is why we used this brand new Complete Chassis we built for our Smokey Yunick Tribute Car. The fabulous Tri-Fvie Chevys have been a favorite Hot Rod since they were new and todays' build are taken to a standard never dreamed of years ago! Any good build begins with a firm foundation and the Fatman is proud to announce their Reproduction Chassis for these Classics. A superior X member design allows for 3" Exhaust and is designed to handle high scress loads with a fully encapsulated center section. Main Fram Rails are fixture welded using 3"x4"x.88 material for strength far in excess of the Stock chassis. All body mounts are tended to along with Chevy Engine & Transmission mounts of your choice. LSX Engines fit well with Camaro Oil Pan. Big Blocks fit great, solving the Steering Box to Exhaust clearance issues seen with the 605 Box conversions. We can help with the correct Oii Pan numbers too! Fatmans Famous Polished Stainless Front Control Arms are standard as are Power Rack & Pinion, Front and Rear Sway Bars, 4 Wheel 11" Iron Disc Brakes, New 9" Rear with a 3/70 Posi Gearset and rear Pro-Link. Premium Autocross proven Ridetech Adjustable Billet Coilovers for Advanced Handling. Ride quality is enhanced by designing this Chassis for a longer than usual 5" Stroke Rear Coilover which may require a minor modification to the Left Front of the Trunk on some body styles. Stock Rear Wheel Tubs will accept up to 10"wide Wheels with this design. Base price includes all the above as standard.

Mustang II Front End Suspension Install
Step by step instructions on how to install Ridetech Mustang II controls arms onto an original or aftermarket Mustang II crossmember. For more information go to http://www.ridetech.com

Updated Mustang II Assembly
I've revised my technique from the last video, and thought I'd show you how to assemble our Mustang II crossmember a bit faster. http://www.welderseries.com/blog/online-store/ws14540/