Mondello & Matsubara @ CHRR 2007

A Nice Video Of The Mondello & Matsubara Altered.

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Brian's 60th Birthday
Mondello and Matsubara fuel altered. Brian always wanted to just sit in this awesome car - his son Josh made this possible. Thanks Karpo, Derek & P-Wood

Altereds montage Nastalgia Fest 2008- AC/DC
This is Cordova Dragway,s Nastalgia Fest 2008. Altereds put to AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" Forever Altereds"

Travis Bouchey's "Excitation" Nitro Fiat Warm-Up - May 08
Chris Graves in the seat for the warm-up. This is one of the baddest fuel altereds in the southwest region. Travis Bouchey's "Excitation" AA/Fuel Altered with the Royal Purple Outlaw Fuel Altered Series.

PurpleHaze NITRO FED fire-up
One of a number of "passes" we did on the weekend of August 4 & 5, 2007. Started on petrol then onto Nitro. Wayne even gets it on to the highside. Then rundown on petrol.